Thursday, June 18, 2009

Totally Killed It

Okay, so I've had my happy dance for the day, because....I won! Check it out here...I can't believe it, so awesome. I wonder what that perfume smells like, hmmm, not much into perfumes, we'll see.
On other random news, I am dizzy. Why you may ask? Because it is freaking hot that's why. *Gasping, cursing out the air-conditioner* Oh, and I have to make a public apology to Sassy because I forgot to comment on her What's on your desk Wednesday? meme....So so sorry, I'm so commenting when I'm do here, promise.
Other random news, here are two posts that I thought were funny and cool by Yan and Sarah MacLean, which you so better check out or the consequences are deadly...*Getting light-headed now, better wrap this up*
So that's pretty much it soooooooooo bye *Totally killed it*