Thursday, June 4, 2009

Coming Back

Now I know that I haven't posted reviews in somewhat of a time, but I'm coming back because I have no more excuses left to hide behind. LOL. Forget school and finals, forget moving back to my hometown; summer break is here and I intend to celebrate it every way possible. My first review coming back would be Dayhunter, and I have a feeling that you're going to like it and end up buying the book, if you haven't already. Not because my review's that good--I'm not that cocky--but because the book is; itself and the series is one of the best I've read so far. I've already started the review and only have a bit left of Dayhunter to go, so it will be coming out soon, watch out for it.
On a side-note, this is going out to Brooke @ Brooke's Reviews: You're book will be in the mail soon now that it is summer I have a lot of time on my hands....
I'll also be having more giveaways because I have a lot of books to get rid of, which I think you'll really like, so watch out for that too.
Another side-note: take a look at my current giveaway which I'm not getting many entries from and will have to shut down soon if I don't get any in the near future....Please enter!