Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rules & Rambles for Contest! (Edited)

Warning I'm going to ramble a little/lot before I actually tell you guys the rules so you might want to skip down....
I'm going to start off telling you guys three random things (that my mom probably won't like when she reads it; yes, she sometimes goes through my blog, more explanation later!)

3 random thingies:

1) I shed more hair than a Golden Retriever (told you, random) And I mean head hair, people, jeez!
2) I'm a Hypocrite!
3) My mom is weird.

Now on #3 I could talk about forever, but I'm not going to. Why? Hello! I'm not that cold-hearted. (Shut up, Emily.)
Few reasons why my mom is...weird:
1) She looks at my blog (wait, I'm not finished) and says she wants one. When I ask her what she's going to talk about on it she says, and I qoute I don't know. Really? Seriously? C'mon!
2) Because my dad is weird, pretty much a chain reaction.
3) Hello, she has me for a daughter. 'Nough said. (Again, shut up, Emily!)

Few reason why I shed so much hair:
1) I was born that way.
2) To irritate my parents (and nothing irritates them more than clogging the shower, and nothing is more hilarious)
3) Something about me being a miracle or something, who knows.

Hypocrite reasons:
1) Friend hits me on shoulder, thinks I'll laugh it off. I get pissed. I hit my friend on shoulder, thinking they'll laugh it off. They get pissed. I get pissed because they get pissed. This is me. "God, why are you so mad, it was just a punch?" They look like a deer in headlights.
2) Can't think of anything else. Oh well.

So, I don't know what time it is in your country or state, or wherever you usually shit but it's exactly 11:07. And I promised you guys that I would post the rules "tomorrow" yesterday. It's still "tomorrow" here and that's all I care about. You might not read this till tomorrow, but that would be your fault going to sleep so damn early. *Hypocrite streak showing, I go to sleep at 9 sometimes, shh.* I just sort of lost track of time, Someone Like You is that good. Oh, I'm reading Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen. You know, I have this friend that LOVES Sarah Dessen *cough* Emily *cough*. If I ever have an author interview and it's Sarah Dessen, Emily's body might just get a little impact with the floor. (Oh, calm down, girl, you know you love me.)
Some people may say that I should warn people about the things they may find on my blog, but seriously if you didn't want to read about shit, why the hell are you on my website/blog? Le duh, that's pratically what it's made for. Okay, onto rules because I'm boring myself and want to get this over with.


Everybody must at least contribute two sentences--dialogue included, your choice--in order to be a participant of this contest. You may make new characters, create a history, whatever just make it magical.
Extra entry: post it somewhere and leave a link in a new comment.

I'll be popping in and putting in my two cents every now-and-then. May give you guys some twisters. Now to start off--a little boring I might add, make it interesting for me...

"Sally just got to her suburban home--from another night out at the movies with her girlfriends. Only to find that her parents were missing, without even a note to solve this new mystery."

Any ?s Just ask. Don't be shy....

Contest ends July 31st @ 1:00pm EST. US/Canadian residents only, sorry.