Sunday, July 31, 2011

Author Interview: Wanda Ernstberger

Introducing Wanda Ernstberger...

I'm a YA writer with a story "The Next Shakespeare" published by Etopia Press. I've also had short stories published by the Spilling Ink Review, Aphelion, and The Aroostook Review. I love to travel, cook, read, and watch anime. (I do, too--watch anime, I mean.)

1) What made you incorporate Shakespeare and World War Three into a short story?

Shakespeare often deals with blood, betrayal and death, much like World War Three. I used the two ideas to show how quickly tension can escalate even between good friends, when emotions like jealousy are involved.

2) What gave you the idea to write YA fiction?

I didn’t choose to write YA fiction, it chose me. I’ve been working on my YA fantasy Infinity Blue since I was thirteen. The story evolved throughout my high school years, and now, as a substitute teacher, I’m adding even more based on my students.

3) When you were in high school, did you take a special interest in Shakespeare or any other playwright or poets?

When I was in high school, I loved Shakespeare, especially Macbeth and King Lear. I would often sit at the back of math class and read for English. I almost failed math, but my appreciation for Shakespeare remains to this day.

4) What is your fantasy getaway that you would love to reside in for a couple weeks of vacation?

I’d love to go to Munich, Germany near the place where my father was born. The village hasn’t changed much over fifty years, with the church where he was confirmed, and the orchard where he stole apples after he was confirmed. Oma never found out, and that’s why he lived long enough to immigrate to Canada.

5) As a writer, what other ideas are you interested in writing about and possibly publishing?

I’m working on getting two manuscripts published. One is a fantasy called To Catch a Ripple about a woman who falls in love with a man bound to a family curse. The other is a YA fantasy series called Infinity Blue. Astra, the narrator in “Shakespeare” is the main character. After a tragic mistake and her father’s disappearance, Astra’s life has no direction until she meets Fate, the Goddess of Destiny in a world called Nemesis. Fate tells Astra she is the goddess Infinity Blue, and her mission is to find others in the Celestial Circle and rebalance the universe. But, after becoming entangled in a web of revenge and betrayal, will Astra lead the universe into salvation or damnation?

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