Friday, July 15, 2011

Teen Book Scene: Crush Crontrol (This or That List)

Introducing the author of Lipstick Apology and her latest release, Crush Control, Jennifer Jabaley....

Born in New York and raised in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Jennifer Jabaley is a graduate of James Madison University and Southern College of Optometry. She began writing in 2006 and tries to manage optometry, writing and motherhood. She lives in Blue Ridge, Georgia with her husband and two children.

Cookies or Brownies?
I like both, but eat way more cookies than brownies :)

Small-town or Big-city?
I live in a small town but love to visit the big city.

Heels or Flats?
Heels. High when I'm going out, medium variety when I'm just toting the kids around. I'm five three - I need some vertical help :)

Fiction or Reality?
Fiction for books/TV/movies. Reality when it's hearing stories from my friends.

Library or Book Store?
Both. I could spend hours in either :)

T-shirts or Tanks?

Beach or Mountains?
I live in the mountains but I really really love the beach! I would eventually love to have a second home at the beach.

Laptop or PC?

Twitter or Facebook?
I'm very very new to Twitter. I love Facebook because it has connected me to so many old high school and college friends. But I see the value of Twitter - especially for connecting to other authors and bloggers and people in the publishing industry.

Better experience: High school or College?
Hmmmmmm. I had really fantastic friends in high school but I think I preferred college because of all the freedom. I loved living on my own, really feeling like a grown up and making all my own choices.

Thank you Jennifer for telling us your preferences! And to Teen Book Scene for establishing this blog tour. :)


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