Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guest Post: Jocelynn Drake!

I finally got the nerve to ask an author to do something for my blog; took a lot of courage people. Introducing this--super amazing, freaking awesome, doesn't-know-what-her-books-do-to-me--author is none other than JOCELYNN DRAKE, who has the creativity to create the fast-paced novels of the Dark Days Series! She agreed to write a guest blog post about Dawnbreaker, her latest Dark release--that I have yet to read, and this post is such a tease. Without further ado:

Jocelynn Drake

Dawnbreaker is the third book in the Dark Days series and marks the end of the main story arc that was started with Nightwalker. I will admit that when I first started writing the Dark Days series, the main story arc regarding the naturi’s attempts to break out of their cage was supposed to encompass only two books. However, as I was working on Dayhunter, I realized that I was trying to cram too much into a single book and at same time, was missing out on a lot of side information that I thought people would find interesting. So, in the end, I decided to change the ending of Dayhunter and take Mira back to Machu Picchu in Dawnbreaker – back to where all the trouble began for her.

Dawnbreaker opens back in Mira’s domain of Savannah, where she and her people are being constantly hunted by the naturi. By returning to Savannah, readers are able to see the impact the naturi are having not only on Mira but on the rest of her people as well as the lycans that live in Savannah. The relationship between the nightwalkers and the shifters has become strained at the lycanthropes are controlled by the naturi and used to hunt down the nightwalkers. The question then becomes how far are you willing to go to protect your own people? This is something that Barrett, Alpha of the Savannah Pack, has to face as he tries to get Mira to leave Savannah.

The cast of characters in the Dark Days world expands greatly with Dawnbreaker. We meet a rogue princess by the name of Cynnia that is holding more than few interesting secrets that could be of use to Mira. We also meet an earth witch that proved to be the most difficult character that I’ve ever had to write considering that she is very different from my own personality. Archie, the county coroner that we first met in the Unbound novella, “The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten,” makes a brief appearance in Dawnbreaker and is set to make another appearance in Pray for Dawn, book four in the series. Finally, my favorite of the new characters is a dark figure that made a very mysterious appearance at the end of Dayhunter. She is back and will start having a stronger impact on the storyline during the near term.

However, for me, the real joy was getting to write scenes with Tristan, Knox, and Amanda, as I view them as Mira’s Savannah family. I like their personalities and the way they interact with each other. They also help Mira relax and bring out her more protective instincts.

Looking out into the future, I am currently contracted for six Dark Days books. I have finished book four, which is called Pray for Dawn, and I am in the revision stage of book 5, which is called Wait for Dusk. This winter I will be working on book 6. In the future, I am hoping to introduce new dangers, new storytellers, and some exciting surprises.

Thank you so much, Jocelynn. As my first author guest post-er, I am in debt to you!
I hope you guys enjoyed this little tease of Dawnbreaker, and hope there will be more guests posts to come! I haven't read Dawnbreaker, as I said before but I have read the first two and here is my review on Dayhunter. Thanks again, Jocelynn, your an awesome writer and cannot wait for future works!