Friday, October 16, 2009

Contest Entry: First Crush Encounter

I posted this as a comment entry in Tara Kelly's contest for Harmonic Feedback, and I just wanted to share it with you guys because I love the story and reminisce about it quite often.

I'm not sure if this will count but it is a long encounter with my first crush in the fifth grade.
However, it was the day I finally admitted to myself--and sadly my talkative friends--that I had feelings for Ricky. That's him.
We were getting ready for our all day field trip to the Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida--what all the fifth graders get to do close to graduation. Mind you, I live close to Disney World to it was a 5 hour drive. What a long drive it was...
I'm sitting next to Caro--her nickname, my best friend at the time and just chatting away about my new-found feelings for a guy sitting about 3 rows up. We've already taken off when Grace--the nosy *itch in front of us--decides to turn around and butt in our conversation.
"Are you guys talking about Ricky?" Grace asks, knowing the answer.
"Yeah." Caro says cautiously, she suspects somethings up too.
"Do you want me to tell him--" Grace gets cut off by my screech and people start turning to stare.
"No!" I yell at her, trying to plead with my eyes, but I can't help but feel a slight thrill in my stomach.
"Are you sure?" She asks, already turning around to tell Isabell, THE GIRL SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO RICKY.
I'm less hesitant with my answer and by the time I open my mouth, Grace is almost done telling the story. Caro looks at me strangely. What have I done? I strain in my chair to sit up straighter to see both their reactions--Isabell and Ricky. I was such a sucker for attention, that I misinterpreted the look on Ricky's face; my worst mistake.
Is it possible that he likes me back? I thought with an exciting smile.
Caro has resolved to not pay attention anymore, I think she knew what was coming.
I hear the chattering of Grace and Isabell talking about the new hot news. Then, all of a sudden, they start asking me questions, like "Do you want to go out with?" "Are you guys going to hold hands?" "Do you want to switch seats?" The last from Isa, for which I then feel mortified and cannot believe she pratically yelled the question.
I wait for Ricky to protest but he is not even paying attention anymore. However, I do see the sideways glance he's giving Isa, as if she was crazy for even making the suggestion.
This goes on for the rest of the trip there, which seemed to be a lot longer than 5 hours at the time. For the day at the amusement park, Ricky and I said we were going out. But such a thing cannot last, especially since it was the end of the school year, and Ricky's not worth it, anyway. However, it was not I that burst the happy-Islands-of-Adventure-trip bubble. It was Melissa, who didn't know at the time that she had crushed any hope of a lasting relationship--yeah, right.
"Ricky said that he only wanted a girlfriend for a day to see what it felt like." Melissa states flat out. That's just how she is, but I am the one that asked her to talk to Ricky for me about how he felt about this whole 'situation'. I'm such a coward.

I look back on that day so many times, because I always have friends asking me if I've ever gone out with someone, and I say yes. Sometimes I tell them how long it lasted, and sometimes I think it's none of their business. Hope you enjoyed my story about my first encounter; even though I kind of broke the rule a bit.

Hoped you got a good laugh!