Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday Finds (1)

Like Sara at The Hiding Spot, this will be my first official Friday Finds! I thought I'd give it a shot because I have two books that I really want you guys to know about!

Also stealing from Sara, because I'm to lazy to do the research "Tell about your weekly book finds during Friday Finds hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading!"

I was going to post this yesterday but I was sort of sleepy all day and ended up going to sleep at 7:30 pm--I was planning on just taking an hour nap, but somebody, mother, forgot to wake me, apparently--(wow, shock I know) and waking up this moring at 6:00 am (another shock!).
First up is Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu. I found about Cyn on The Tenners website, and emailed her about her up-coming novel and be one of the reviewers to first review her awesome masterpiece. She replied and said that she visited my blog and it was cool--which we all obviously know, and she would let me know when the ARCs come in. Her novel debuts next year in April. Check out her book's awesomeness:
When 16 year-old Lucy comes home to find her mother dead under a stack of National Geographics in their garbage-filled home, she hesitates as she starts to dial 911. She hardly notices the mountains of stuff that fill every available space in the entire house or smells the decay anymore - but she knows the paramedics will, and so will the news cameras that will follow. They’ll notice the garbage and the smell and wonder how anyone ever lived like this. Only freaks live like this.
As she stares at the cell phone, Lucy can already hear the echoes of “Garbage Girl” and picture the look of disgust on everyone’s faces. With a normal life finally within reach, Lucy has to decide how far she’ll go to keep the family secrets safe.

Next up is Carrie Jone's sequel to her novel Need, Captivate, which I didn't know about and came upon recently, and thought it fascinating since I already read Need and thought it to be pretty intriguing. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the synopsis for this one but I do know that it will be published in January of 2010.