Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Giveaway 1

Okay, so I know I don't usually keep my promises about this blog, but I did keep this one and the one about the Such a Pretty Girl Review its just posted at an April date because I had saved on a draft back then and I couldn't change the day I posted it on. So, if you haven't read that one yet go here and read it, I think it was pretty good myself.
Anyway, so I don't distract myself again, I'm doing the giveaway four days earlier with the books that weren't claimed....Which would be "M is for Magic" by Neil Gaiman, "Getting Lost with Boys" by Hailey Abbott and "The Girl Who Could Fly" by Victoria Forester. Oh and so I don't have to post the covers and synopsis's of the books again go here to check them out. So, this is what you have to do in order to get the book you want. Oh, by the way you can enter for each book. If you would like more than one, email me at lilibethramos(at)live(dot)com, and put in the subject line Giveaway
then state which books you would like. The following is for both, who just wants one book and more than one:
At least ONE must be done but not all in order to enter.
1. Comment saying which you would like (if you want more than one just comment that you're going to email me or you already have): 1 entry
2. Already a follower: 2 entries
3. Become a follower: 1entry
4. Comment on at least one of my reviews, the more comments the more entries.
5. Link giveaway to your blog and leave the link to your blog on your comment below: 5 entries.

Good luck to everyone, and spread the word, please, because I have a feeling I'm not going to get many entries. Open to U.S. residents only and ends June 26th.