Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sorry. Again. I was going to post this sooner, but I did not know that the motel was so cheap that it costs $2.99 to use wifi. Anyway, there are a couple things I learned about road trips, I guess you can call them. For example:

Couple things you apparently cannot be without on your road trip:
• Trucks (a lot of them)
• Road Kill (I am officially traumatized)
• White Lines (I got seriously dizzy)
• “Power” Naps (energizing)

Trucks, what can I say about trucks? First of all that they cut you off and by the time you stop at a rest stop every 3-4 hours, your deaf from hearing your mother curse so much. (Not true, but my mom’s head did look like it was going to explode.) Another fact about the trucks on the road, there are a lot of them. For example, there’s Schneider, Con-way, Wal-mart, U.S. Mail, UPS, Fed-Ex, U-Haul, Penske, on and on and on. (Round and round it goes; where it stops nobody knows.)
On a side note I’m going to put a poll up because I seriously want to know which one you guys think is better: U-Haul or Penske? (My vote:? Tell you once the poll is over…)

Road Kill, what can I say? Well, like I said before I am officially traumatized…I’ve never seen so much road kill in my life. I’m pretty sure other people have seen a lot worse, but c’mon I’m only thirteen, man. Anyway, sometimes it’s not even on the side of the road; it’s right in the middle, blood everywhere but a pinkish color. (So pink in fact that my mom didn’t even notice it, and rode right over…*Shudder*)

White Lines. Not much to say about that, except they’re white lines on black road. (Although, sometimes the roads are gray or white or just plain gravel—that was not good for our moving truck, poor step-daddy…)

And finally, “Power” Naps. Okay, if it was me—since I’m the one who took the naps—I would say I was out for about 20-30 minutes tops. But, sadly, my mother says I was only out for about ten minutes, so she then called them “power” naps. Meaning that they are useful to get more energized—and I think that’s lame. I mean really ten minutes is supposed to get you pepped up somehow, sure…*shaking head* (Don’t tell my mom this, but it actually kinda works; shhh.)

Hopefully, by the time I post this I’ll probably already be in the Miami area; if not in it already. And I’ll probably have finished the review for Such a Pretty Girl by Laure Weiss.