Monday, February 6, 2012

Teen Book Scene: CtDfY Jess's This or That List!

Introducing the author of Chance to Dance for You, Gail Sidonie Sobat...

Gail Sidonie a witch at heart, a pirate in her dreams, and a gypsy in practice. She has assumed any number of disguises in her lifetime, including that of teacher, adjunct professor, woman-in-black, professional actor and singer, grounds keeper, flag girl, parimutuel seller and flower seller. She is the creator/ coordinator of YouthWrite, a camp for kids who love to write, a teacher at the University of Alberta Hospital School, an instructor in the University of Alberta Faculty of Education, and the Canadian Authors Association (Alberta Chapter) Writer-in-Residence. She has moved twenty-seven times in her life from Badlands to Siksika Nation Reserve to hideous suburbs to Istanbul to the Sunshine Coast to her writer’s garret in a near-century-old temperamental house.

Onto Jess' This or That List...

Thick milkshake or fruit smoothie?

Fruit smoothie with protein power. I’m an athlete.

Hockey or Football?

Hockey. I’m Canadian, eh? It’s our national game.



Work out or Hang out?

Work out. Hanging out is boring. Might as well pump some weights. Work on maintaining the six pack.

Big city or Small town?

Big city. Easier to get lost in the crowd.

Date dessert: Ice cream or Donuts?

Dunno. Chicks like ice cream.

Pass-time: Small backyard football game or Going to the movies?

Football any time the snow’s not on the ground!

Hamburgers or Hot dogs?

Hamburgers. Hot dogs are full of toxic crap.

Text or E-mail?

What’s e-mail? Text!

CDs or iPod/MP3 player?

I don’t even have a CD player. iPod all the way!

Ian lives in a suburb where everything's the same. The houses are the same; the cars are the same; the families are the same; and their aspirations are the same. But Ian is different.

Openly gay in his bigoted high school, Ian doesn’t exactly fit in. But he's not worried— he's been training in dance for a long time and soon he'll be able to leave town and train to become a professional. Then he falls in love with Jess, the high school quarterback.

Thanks to Gail and Teen Book Scene!


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