Sunday, May 2, 2010

Broke? Have books you don't want/need?

You could sell any books you just know you won't read on these sites:

All the sites below let you print out a prepaid shipping label, so shippings free!

(Books or Textbooks, paid via Check or PayPal)

(Books only, paid via PayPal or Check)

(Books or DVDs, paid via PayPal or Check)

(Books only, paid via PayPal or Check)

(Textbooks or TI Graphing Calculators, paid via Check or PayPal)

(Textbooks or Video Games, paid via Check or Direct Deposit)

(Used books or Textbooks, paid via PayPal or Check)

Now I've been looking up this sites because, well, I'm broke. And being broke means I can't do my duties of sending out books pertaining to my giveaways as soon as possible. Now the typical rule for these sites are typing in the ISBN addresses and they'll tell you if their interested and just how much they'll pay for it. If you like to analyze like me, don't just check at one site and take its offer look around the other sites, and see if they'll pay more for the same book. There could be hundreds of these sites that you don't even know about--that I don't even know about--but if you do your research you just might find ones that are not even on this list. I realize that you could sell your books on Amazon, which is very common, but if you don't wish to pay for shipping, the list above is useful.
And for the readers and/or bloggers out there that rather credit to buy more books than actual cash, check out Powells system of buying books from you:
(prepaid Media Mail shipping label, paid via online account credit or PayPal)

Also, another way to make an actual difference in a life with your used books, donate them to our troops by arranging a pick-up, dropping them off at local drop-off sites or mailing them with only the shipping fee to pay:
As a last note, for every one of these sites make sure you skim through their FAQs pages and if you're ever in doubt, their Help pages as well. I know that if you search for more sites like this you're bound to find even more. I suggest you look at all your options before you make your final decision.