Sunday, April 4, 2010

Check out Naughty Book Kitties! The Kittens that Review!

So, if you read the first couple of posts on my blog you'd see that I tended to refer to my best friend Emily a lot. (Love you, Em!) I met Emily in Kentucky when my cooky parents made a terrible career move and decided to me to Kentucky Fried Chicken--I have no idea how many people said that to me when I told them where I was going to for the next year. This was around the summer of 2008, I believe. Anyway, back to Em. I was a newbie in uncharted waters when I started an all girl's school in Louisville. (Did you know it was not pronounced, Louis-ville? Why did no one warn me??) Emily arrived as the new girl a couple months later, I believe. I pretty much thought she was a psycho like me. When I saw her carrying around a Sarah Dessen novel, I was like "whoa." Where'd this chick been all my life? Nah, I'm kidding. I wasn't very impressed with Dessen at all before Em got me to read some of her work. Goes to show how we bonded after that. Around that time was when I started to really, really find an appreciation for books I didn't know I had in me. However, I know some people will be sad (or glad) to hear this but it did start with the Twilight Saga. That's when I discovered my love in YA Fantasy; and when I read The Host, Sci-Fi as well. Back to Em and how fabulous she is. I love Em, deeply. We got in trouble so much for our constant laughter in class, we cracked even more just looking at the teachers' faces. I would make fun of her laugh and she'd make fun of my braids and we'd laugh and laugh and laugh! Good lord my stomach always hurt at the end of the day. With Em around all the time, I found a confidence in myself and our bond in reading, that I was amazed I didn't cry (much) when I left Kentucky Fried Chicken. Did you know that even when we could see each other everyday, we'd log onto our Yahoo! accounts and video chat for a couple hours. Or should I say video laugh? Because I do remember one time when she couldn't figure out what was wrong with her microphone thing and she could still hear me. Well, I was talking non-sense to her and trying to make her and her sister laugh while she'd try to make signs to communicate with me. All of a sudden--and I laugh while I write this--I look up at my computer screen and I see a cat. A blow-up of a cat's underside, and I scream my head off, while trying not to laugh at the same time. I can see Em's head peaking around the cat, smiling while pointing at me and trying to hold back a laugh. Damn did that scare the crap out of me! I remember it so vividly that I still want to smack Em for it. Okay, enough talk about how we met, on to how she's copying me. Lol, just kidding! I'm glad you're making a blog, Em. Oops, well, you guys would have found out anyway. I now have the thumps-up from Brent--the dude who's watching over Em for me--to spread the news about there new blog:  

Damn Em, you really nailed it this time. Eh, I still love ya. Okay, right now Brent and Em have three book reviews already posted and they wanted me to spread the word about it:

Before you go over there, help me to convince them to write bios about themselves, Brent and Em, we need to know more about you personally dammit. (We need some secrets to be read!) Kidding. About the secrets, not the bios.

Side-note: I take the place of their Book Fairy and am proud to help them in anyway possible. They know this but I just wanted to state it here too. However, I sure they'd probably tackle me virtually if I stopped anyone from sending them books, so if you'd like to donate any used/new books for their reviewing cause, email (me) them here:

Now go over there and spread love (follow them and comment)!