Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! + Winner

This is my belated Thanksgiving post to everyone reading out there, eating their turkey right now. I ate so much today, I really thought I might burst! Here are some pics my mom took outside my great-aunt's house after the BIG lunch we had. I, of course, ate two plate worth of food because I didn't eat breakfast lol, and I woke up way too early:

Second pic is with my grandmother, who will probably whine later for me to take out of the post, oh well. I had a great time with my family and hope everyone else did, as well.

Now onto the more important/exciting news, the winner of my Gallagher Girls series Contest. There were 144 entries in total and 50 entrants, inserting that into, the lucky number is 76! So Congrats to:

Congrats, chica! I will email you now and you must get back to me in the next 72 hours to claim your prize.
Thank you to everybody who entered and for those who did not win, enter my current contest for a chance to win a fan guide by L.J. Smith on her Night World series.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!